Rutgers Telecommuting Agreement

f. The rejection of a telework application or the continuation of telework may be saddened by the appeal procedures in the collective agreements between the university and the signatory unions. The employee`s supervisor determines whether a position is suitable for telework. Positions that require an employee to work frequently with certain devices or to interact personally with the public may not be suitable for telework. Excluded are employees of executives, specialists, supervisory and confidentiality personnel (MPSCs) who have completed their trial period for which telework is envisaged. If you currently have a telework contract, nothing changes. If there is a change to your work plan and there is an additional in-person work request, ask what has changed, as opposed to the increasing number of positive COVID rates. This is not the time to give up our vigilance and we will continue to fight to keep them healthy and safe. Rutgers encourages telework from alternative workplaces to create a supportive work environment and encourage sustainable development efforts. Telework is a voluntary employment contract whereby a licensed employee works with authorization for one or more days per work week from another area of work, instead of commuting to the workstation on campus All COVID Paid Leave applications meeting the eligibility criteria are accepted subject to the submission of appropriate documentation. If the required documents are not available, the employee is required to charge for paid leave in accordance with the university policy and/or the current collective agreement.

You don`t need to reapply for a telework agreement that has already been approved and is in the file. Keep working according to this plan. When classes begin and some students return to campus, we have heard members say that some departments are asking them to return to their workplaces. Our agreement with Vivian Fernandez and her subsequent e-mail of 13 August clearly states that the policy of easing telework has been extended until 31 December 2020 and will be automatically updated, unless there is a change in your work plan at the same time as the continued encouragement of service managers to be flexible in telecommunications, including flexibility of working time. Before applying for telework, legitimate workers should check whether telework is right for them.