Payment Gateway Reseller Agreement

Internet Merchant Account – This type of account is similar to Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) reseller account above (with similar prices, conditions and agreements). Some distributor service providers use the same account class for Internet accounts and Mail Order /Telephone Order (MOTO) and some Merchant service providers, with another account class with a more suitable service, tailored to an Internet account. This agreement contains the full agreement and the parties` understanding of the purpose contained and replaces all agreements, promises, pacts, agreements, communications, assurances or advance guarantees, whether orally orally, by an officer, a partner, a staff member or a representative of a party. This agreement binds the parties and their respective rights holders and the approved beneficiaries of the assignment and applies only in the interest. No provision in this agreement, either express or tacit, is intended to confer or confer rights or remedies on persons or entities who are not parties to this agreement, within the framework or under this agreement. PayPal ensures that its employees responsible for processing customer data are informed of the confidentiality of customer data, that they have received adequate training on their responsibilities, and that they have entered into written confidentiality agreements. T These confidentiality obligations apply to the termination of the employment of the staff concerned. PayPal undertakes from time to time to train its staff in the obligations PayPal in this addendum, so that PayPal staff will know and fulfill these obligations. Access by PayPal staff to customer data is limited to staff who provide payment services in accordance with the agreement. Representations and guarantees. Each party assures and guarantees the other that it is valid from the date of entry into force and for the duration of this contract: (a) duly registered, valid and reputable under the laws of the state in which its headquarters are located, b) it has the power and power of the companies to carry out that agreement and to fulfil its obligations under that agreement, and (c) its enforcement is not contrary to the laws, regulations or other agreements which it is entitled to invoke or initiate.