Articulation Agreement Csun

The university publishes a series of articulation agreements with local Community Colleges in California, which explain how course work at Community College is applied to csuN requirements in both Hauptschule and general education. These are available online on the Articulation System Stimulating Interinstitutional Student Transfer (ASSIST) website. ASSIST is the official repository of articulation for public colleges and universities in California. Links to online catalogs, transfer and articulation information for the 23 CSU campuses. Detailed campus articulation agreements can be made on the ASSIST website. You can take a course at another accredited institution to meet GE`s key requirements or lower divisions as follows: If you transfer course work from a California community college, you will save time with eTranscript California. General education requirements for the breadth of the GE CSU; Transfer students from California Community Colleges are asked to consult with their counselors at Community College to ask them to help complete the college`s general education certification program and should send a final transcript to the CSUN that shows certification. This certification is then taken into account in the progress report of the studies/planner. If you transfer course work from another school to CSUN, read this page based on your class level. ASSIST shows how lower-division courses, which are held in California public colleges, can be applied when transferred to CSUN. Transfer of non-CSU Useful Curriculum: Transfer to Policy Graduate Programs before enrolling in a course at another university, contact your graduate program coordinator to confirm that the course will be transferred to CSUN. Students who move from California Community College to CSUN may have certified up to 39 units of their general education program.

Such certification is recognised within the limits published by the CSU Chancellor. Graduate students of general education must attend general education and the department of general education (see general education). Useful: Undergraduate Repeat Policy (Grade Forgiveness).