Agreement Years

One of the most important questions about the 25-year agreement between Insino-Iran is: why now? And why do the Chinese need this agreement? This document will answer that question. But first, a letter on the agreement, which received detail in a proposed document of 18 languages by the New York Times last July. It began with „Two Old Asian Cultures,“ and it is with these words that the sites want to highlight the long history of the relationship between them, trying to block any future accusation that they are doing so only to undermine U.S. attempts to isolate Iran. In addition, the opening is intended to send a Chinese embassy to the Iranian people, according to which Beijing is a „traditional partner“ alongside sanctions, low oil prices, the worst COVID-19 epidemic in the Middle East, the accidental bombing of a Ukrainian airliner alongside Tehran. On the Iranian side, the Iranian people are exhausted and they just want to know that one day something good will happen. Most importantly, the rivalry between the United States, Iran`s main adversary, and China, Iran`s main supporter, played a key role in signing the agreement. The trade war between the United States and Sino is long-lasting and this agreement is a new choice in the fight between the two. It would not only allow Iran to avoid sanctions, but also a serious challenge to U.S.

supremacy in the Middle East. China would undermine its stated goal of promoting stability and peace by opposing U.S. sanctions and doing business with Iran, and would also send a clear message to all other countries that may be in trouble. This agreement expires for four (4) years from the date of entry into force. After more than seven years in power, the Rohani government is facing some successes, and the Sino-Iranian agreement could be a way for them to tell their people to wait a little more simply because things are getting better. And things could be better in Iran, as the leaked information shows that one of the terms of the agreement provides for a Chinese investment of nearly $400 billion in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry in Iran. Nevertheless, the agreement is so controversial that even some politicians and Iranian government media have criticized it. For example, a headline in the Arman Melli newspaper states that Iran is not Sri Lanka, while an article in the daily Hamdeli asked every day whether Iran would become a Chinese colony. Lawyers and contract managers often do not like car renewal contracts because contracts are filed and forgotten, which means that the contract is renewed before someone in the company has the opportunity to verify it before they are included in the contract for an additional year (or whatever the renewal period). Some contract management software can easily solve this business problem.

If the effective date is February 1, 2017, the closing date is February 1, 2021. Does the contract expire at the end of February 2021 or the end of January 31,2021? In other words, is the term inclusive or exclusive of February 1, 2021? In some cases, such as loan contracts, it may be important that 2020 is a leap year.