Agreement On The Administration Of Agency Grants And Awards

Institutes cannot use their grants to fund research costs related to federal three-agency research programs, where the grant or prize already includes funds to cover the indirect costs of research (e.g. B Canada`s Research Chairs Program, Canada Excellence Research Chairs Program, Community Innovation and Excellence Program, Canada Research Excellence Fund, Canada`s 150 Research Chairs and the Newiers in Research Fund). These programs allow institutes to use an appropriate portion of the funds to contribute to research costs. Once the Chair begins, the canada Research Chairs, Canada Excellence Chairs and Canada 150 Research Chairs awards are retained for seven years; The third 2 Canada Research Chairs awards are held for five years. All devices purchased with bonuses belong to the institution and not to the individual president, unless the promotion agency or assistance program otherwise accepts them in writing or contradicts a legal requirement. If the president switches to another Canadian institution and wishes to transfer devices purchased with bonuses, the former institution may, at its sole discretion, grant authorization for such an approach. Agencies encourage the institution to join such a request, provided that the equipment is not needed for other researchers in the former institution. The guide lists the tasks and responsibilities of agencies, administrative institutions and grant recipients (and delegates) needed to ensure the proper management of the Agency`s resources. For more information on the respective roles and responsibilities, see the agreement on the management of grants and agency bonuses by research institutes, the literature on programming and funding opportunities and all relevant agency agreements. The scholarships are awarded to eligible researchers and managed through the institution`s management systems. The Fellow approves expenses in accordance with the Agency`s policies and requirements, as outlined in the Relevant Agency`s Guide on its website, or as a condition of a grant, and with the institutions` guidelines.